在意式咖啡为鲜明特色的背景下,高白空间设计事务所GB space将起源于意大利的文艺复兴元素运用到空间里,并融入现代材料和肌理,在保留文艺复兴神韵的同时与现代完美结合。

In a context distinguished by Italian coffee, GB Space applies Italian renaissance elements to the space and incorporates modern materials and textures therein, perfectly combining with the modern times while keeping the romantic charm of Renaissance.

PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (1)
从电子跨越到咖啡,从传统跨越到科技,由西方到东方,作为世界最大的电子品牌之一,PHILIPS通过传统意式咖啡这一载体,并融合自身科技优势,与高白空间设计事务所GB space合作打造中国首家跨界智能咖啡馆。如何透过设计增强公众对新品牌形象的认可?成为本项目的挑战之处。

From electronics to coffee, from tradition to technology, from west to east, as one of the largest electronic brands in the world, PHILIPS, through such a carrier as traditional Italian coffee, integrates its own technological advantages and cooperates with GB Space in building the first cross-industry intelligent coffee shop in China. The challenge of this project is how to enhance the public’s recognition on the new brand image through interior design.

PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (2)

PH COFFEE选址北京金融大街,为众多金融机构和企业总部的聚集地,涵盖了从白领到学生等不同层次的消费人群。170平方米的空间主要包括前台区、展示区和卡座区。

PH COFFEE is located at Beijing Financial Street, a gathering place of numerous financial institutes and enterprise headquarters, covering consumer groups varying from white collars to students. The 170 m2 space mainly consists of the front desk area, exhibition area and private area.

PHILIPS-PH Coffee_GB-Space_floorplan


“PH COFFEE是纯正的意式咖啡,我们从意大利联想到很多具有代表性的古罗马建筑。”从意式咖啡中汲取灵感,设计师以古罗马建筑的拱形元素作为项目设计的起始,希望通过线条的还原,让客人在空间内感受到欧式风情。基于同一设计理念,金属格子天花则是简化的文艺复兴时期教堂的天花。这两种元素的选用无形中唤起了异国客人对意式文化的共鸣。

“PH COFFEE stands for pure Italian coffee. We associate Italy with many representative ancient Roman architectures.” Drawing inspiration from Italian coffee, GB Space starts from arch elements of ancient Roman architectures, and hope to make guests feel European fascination in the space through the restoration of lines. Based on the same design idea, metal lattice ceiling is the simplified ceiling of church during the Renaissance. The selection of these two elements indulges guests into Italian coffee atmosphere.




In this case, arch elements run from exterior building through the whole interior space. Through the design of arched “doors” one by one, it clearly divides each indoor and outdoor functional area. The entrance window area and arched glass door firstly set the Italian culture image, and the organization of interior space relies on arched doors, combines with curved ground materials, and defines three functional areas. The front desk area takes bar counter as the focal point, with simple tables and chairs arranged in line with the overall indoor color tone; the interactive exhibition area is in the center of space, creatively combining the two different types of functional space — exhibition space and coffee shop; while the private sofa area creates a private coffee moment, accommodating both the vintage and modern features in soft decoration.

PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (2)PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (3)PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (4)

对于过去和现代的碰撞,高白空间设计事务所GB space巧妙利用了材料的反差元素。粗糙的拱形天花穹顶对比质地精致的金属架吊顶,表达出从传统蜕变到现代的设计概念。粗糙的白色地砖对比温暖的木地板,同时中间镶嵌木质小方格凸显设计细节,地面材料以这种穿插互联的方式使空间过渡更为自然,并突出空间的整体性。

To emphasis the idea of “contrast” between the past and modern times, GB Space played with materials instead. The contrast of rough arch vault with the exquisite metal suspended ceiling expresses the design concept of transforming from tradition to modern times. Coarse white ground tiles come to contrast with warm wood floor, meanwhile, small wooden checks inlaid therein highlight the design details, and the interwoven and interconnected method of ground materials makes the space transition more natural and outstanding.

PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (6)

而项目最具挑战性的地方,就是如何利用设计来增强PH COFFEE这个新品牌形象的公众认知,并为客人带来另类体验感。对此,设计师在室内中心位置打造了一个互动点餐区(展示区),凭借科技智能的创新方式来对接传统意式咖啡。优势的位置充分发挥了这个“自由空间”的独特性,同时又与咖啡厅的整体环境融为一体。操作台上的飞利浦全自动咖啡机供客人自主制作咖啡,让其感受现代智能科技的魅力,感受欧洲文化的自由和随性。

The most challenging part of this project is how to enhance the public recognition on the brand of “PH COFFEE” through interior design, bringing alternative experience for guests. Therefore, GB Space designed an interactive exhibition area in the center of the space, linking with traditional Italian coffee with technology innovation. The advantageous position gives full play to the uniqueness of this “free space” and integrates itself to the overall environment of coffee shop. PHILIPS fully automatic coffeemaker on the operation table is provided for guests to make coffee by themselves, making them feel the charm of modern intelligent technology as well as the unconstraint and casualness of European culture.

PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (1) PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (5)PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (7)PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (8)

我们的设计态度是用当代的设计语言去诠释传统的意式元素, 我们希望顾客在当下的设计语境当中能够对传统的意式风格有着全新的感知和认识; 其次,展示和餐饮两种完全不同的商业模式的结合将带来更多的、更丰富的活动体验。从白领到日常逛街的顾客在这空间当中都能够得到满足、感到快乐和自在这就是我们最希望看到的。

Our design approach is to interpret traditional Italian elements from a contemporary point of view. We want our customers to enjoy a whole new experience in Italian styled venues within a contemporary context. Second, we want to combine exhibition and catering, two different commercial activities to generate more and richer recreational experiences. Visitors such as office workers and casual customers will experience satisfaction, happiness and freedom within our venue. This is the kind of space that we, as designers, love to see.

PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (9) PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (10) PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (11) PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (12) PHILIPS-PH-Coffee-exhibition-area-GB-Space (13)






面积: 170㎡

设计方:高白空间设计事务所 GB space





视频:PLAY Creator Showcase

Project Information——

Year: 2016

Project type: Commission

Program: 170 sqm interior design

Address: Room B105, B1/F, Financial Street Mall, Beijing, China

Design Team: Gao Wenyu, Bai Yang

Project Manager: Sim Lihui

Main Materials: metal, concrete, wood, ceramic

Photographer: Zou Lei

Video: PLAY Creator Showcase


GB Space_ Wenny Gao

高文毓 / Wenny Gao


MA InteriorandSpatialDesign, Universityofthe Arts London.

BA Architecture Department, Central Academyof Fine Arts.

Wenny Gao have the background of interior design and architecture design, established GB space as a principle designer by the end of 2015.

GB Space_Yang Bai

白杨 / Yang Bai


MA InteriorandSpatialDesign, Universityofthe Arts London.

BA Environmental Art Design, Beijing Forestry University.

Yang Bai have the background of interior design and landscape design, established GB space as a principle designer by the end of 2015.


GB Space logo

GB space – 高白空间设计事务所,提供国际化的室内设计、展示设计、家居产品设计以及艺术咨询服务。

GB space provides specialized services of international reach such as interior design, display design, household product design and art advisory.


Concept—“Space can communicate”


We firmly believe that space design must solve a problem and allow users to experience the nature of space at the same time.


At GB Space we are committed to provide our clients with a wide variety of solutions, by looking for new space usage patterns and possibilities and building unique brand images. Thus, we provide our clients with “design, project coordination and media promotion” services as a whole.


We break with the limits of traditional space designby using materials and multiple media to look for new ways to create spatial atmospheres. Furthermore, we enhance interaction and the way space is experienced, by using design as a way to turn space into a language able to disseminate information.