Inteltion IT顾问公司邀请设计师改造自己的办公室。这间170平方米的公司办公室拥有60名员工,这些员工通常在客户的办公室办公,以便随时维护客户的计算机系统。每当他们等待新项目或新客户的时候才会留在自己的办公室里。因此,新的办公室不需要设计独立的办公桌。因为所有员工都需要在电脑面前工作,所以可移动性便成为Inteltion公司的特性。为什么一个IT公司需要设计办公室?此次改造的目的是实现员工与客户之间的会面交流,进行新员工的面试,以及促进公司内部交流。这就是Inteltion公司寻求设计师设计的主要目的。

The Inteltion Office is a 170 square meters renovation project designed for the IT consultant company named Inteltion. The company has 60 employees who normally work at the clients’ offices in order to take care of the computer systems. They are present at the Inteltion Office especially when they are waiting for a new client or a new project. That is to say, it is not necessary to design a desk for the individual staff. Each staff works with a laptop computer. Mobility is a characteristic of the Inteltion Company. Why does an IT consultant company want a design office? The objective of this renovation is to build a space to organise meetings with the clients, to interview new employees of the company and, above all, to have the room for socialisation. This is why the Inteltion Company founder asked for Onion’s design service.

▼办公室全貌,full view of the office


▼办公室空间的主要特征表现为一个连续的铁管,a continuous iron tube is the dominant feature of the space

002-The-Inteltion-Office-bY-ONION-960x640 003-The-Inteltion-Office-bY-ONION-960x960


In terms of design, the problem of office syndrome is Onion’s concern. Spending hours working in the same bodily posture is unhealthy either with a computer or a pencil. Onion’s proposal is the design for good health, promoted by the office for the employees. Onion started the project by observing the stretching exercises at public parks in Bangkok. To Onion, stretching modes of the elderly is more desirable than particular exercise equipments. The tools should be simple, easy to build and playful. The arrangement of stretching tools is the design of Inteltion Office. These tools are organised by areas, ranging from easy to difficult exercises, namely “finger walk”, “arm wheel”, “spinning chairs” and most difficult of all “monkey bars”. A continuous iron tube is the dominant feature of the space. It functions as handrails at the office entry, seating and table structures in the middle of the room and exercise bars at the rear of the office. Onion makes use of the existing water and electricity pipes as the ornaments of the office ceiling by painting all of these old and new pipes in white colour.

▼办公室内各种各样的健身器械,the exercise tools in the office

004-The-Inteltion-Office-bY-ONION-960x640 005-The-Inteltion-Office-bY-ONION-960x640


At Inteltion Office, the objects to exercise with also include the spherical cabinet handles. They are placed a bit higher than normal for the purpose of bodily stretching. The meeting table can be transformed into a table tennis table, above which is the ping-pong balls container lamp. Next to it is a wall of ping-pong balls for the players to count the scores. When tired, employees can take a nap on the raised platform full of pillows, right above the movable file cabinets.

▼会议室,meeting room


▼可随时变为乒乓球台的会议桌,the table can be change into tennis table

007-The-Inteltion-Office-bY-ONION-960x640 (1)

▼墙壁的乒乓球装饰作为计分器,the ping-pong balls on the wall for the players to count the scores

008-The-Inteltion-Office-bY-ONION-960x640 (1)

▼壁柜高处的把手激励员工进行伸展运动,the spherical cabinet handles placed a bit higher for the purpose of bodily stretching

009-The-Inteltion-Office-bY-ONION-960x640 (1) 010-The-Inteltion-Office-bY-ONION-960x1200

▼移动文件柜上的休憩空间,right above the movable file cabinets is a place to take a nap

011-The-Inteltion-Office-bY-ONION-960x640 012-The-Inteltion-Office-bY-ONION-960x640


Othello Game is the relaxing mode of the office manager. Onion enlarged the Othello magnets and placed them on the iron wall of the manager’s room.

▼经理办公室的奥赛罗游戏,the Othello Game on the wall of manager’s room


▼拉伸运动平面,stretching exercise layout


▼家具摆放平面,furniture layout




Project : Inteltion Office

Location: 14th Fl. Phahon Yothin Place, Bangkok Thailand

Area: 170 square meters

Year: 2017

Photographer: Wworkspace